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2017 Update to WPS Training Materials

As indicated on the Revisions to the Worker Protection Standard web page, the majority of the WPS rule revisions will be effective on January 2, 2017.  Until January 2, 2018, existing EPA-developed and EPA-approved WPS pesticide safety training materials for workers and handlers may continue to be used by qualified trainers, which are available at:

Training must be provided in a manner that the worker or handler can understand, and it must be presented either orally from written materials or audio-visually. A number of requirements related to pesticide safety training are changed for 2017.  Under the new requirements, trainers must be present during the entire training session to respond to questions.  The location of the training must be reasonably free from distraction and conducive to training. Training materials for workers or handlers must be EPA-approved. Training for both workers and handlers must be provided annually. Workers must be trained before they enter a treated area on the establishment - there is no grace period.  Handlers must be trained before they perform any handling task. Employers must maintain records of worker and handler training, and the employer must provide a copy of the training record to each worker or handler upon their request.

Trainers must qualify in one of the following ways:
1. Be a certified applicator under 40 CFR 171,
2. Be designated as a trainer of certified applicators, handlers, or workers by the EPA or the state or tribal agency responsible for pesticide enforcement, or
3. Have completed an EPA-approved pesticide safety train the trainer program for trainers of workers or handlers.

Under a cooperative agreement, EPA is working with the Pesticide Educational Resources Collaborative (PERC) to develop training materials that will incorporate the expanded training elements required in 2018, including a train the trainer course and pesticide safety training materials.  Those materials will be made publicly available on EPA's pesticide worker safety pages and the PERC website. EPA will be updating our web site to provide information about additional EPA-approved training materials as they become available, so you will probably want to check those pages periodically.

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