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I have a bed bug problem! Can EPA help?

The EPA receives hundreds of inquiries every year, in which people ask for help with bed bug problems. Sometimes the problems are with landlords, neighboring apartments, or pesticide applicators. Other times people want advice about what products to use, or they want the EPA to diagnose a possible infestation. People also send in pictures showing bites and ask if we think it's from bed bugs.

Unfortunately, the EPA has no authority or expertise in any of these issues. Our role with respect to bed bugs is very tightly focused on regulating the pesticides that can be used to fight infestations. But as a regulatory agency, we cannot recommend one regulated product over another. We also have no authority to intervene with a bad landlord or neighbor. We do not provide financial assistance for bed bug treatments, and we do not know of any entities that do. We also cannot diagnose bed bug infestations or bites and recommend treatment options.

We do provide extensive information about bed bugs on our website. If you do not find answers to your questions there, you might try the following resources:

Landlord or apartment problems: search the internet for landlord laws in your state, county, or city, especially pertaining to pests or vermin. Your local housing authority may also be able to help.

Diagnosing a possible bed bug infestation or bite: consider contacting a pest control company or a university entomologist specializing in bed bugs.

Good luck!

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