Frequent Questions

I have bed bugs! What can I do about it?

There is no one single treatment or technique that is effective by itself. Bed bugs can be controlled by using a suite of the available techniques, including

  • prevention,
  • monitoring,
  • proper use of pesticides, and
  • other integrated pest management techniques.

If discovered, control should be immediately pursued by removing clutter where bed bugs hide, sealing cracks, encasing mattresses, vacuuming, heat treatments, and the careful use of pesticide products explicitly approved for bed bugs.

There are over 300 different products registered by EPA for use against bed bugs, which you can find in our Bed Bug Product Search tool. For effective bed bug control over the longer term, prevention, monitoring, and integrated pest management techniques should be used as well.

Another option is to consult a pest management professional as soon as possible to inspect your residence, take apart furniture, if necessary, and use high powered vacuums, heat, and approved pesticides to treat the infestation.

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