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I have children who love to play with our pet. Are these flea and tick products safe to use around small children?

EPA is dedicated to the protection of children from risks associated with exposures to pesticides, particularly those used in homes. EPA assesses all pet pesticide treatments, including spot-on products. Our review of these products includes a evaluation of skin exposure for adults and assessment of exposure by skin and mouth for children based on assumptions about pet contact and pesticide transfer to the persons exposed that are designed to overestimate the possible exposure.

EPA scientists estimate the amount of applied pesticide that can transfer from the animal to the child's skin from hugging or otherwise contacting a treated animal. Based on these estimates, the EPA ensures that children are protected from exposure to pesticide treated pets.

Inhalation assessment of pet pesticide treatments is considered on when appropriate.

While these registered pet spot-on products have been found to be safe for use around small children, as an extra precaution, you may want to keep children away from pets until the product has dried.

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